Spicy Entertainment included with admission.

Below is the tentative schedule for 2019 Hamilton Heatwave.  Stay tuned for further info.


Heatwave Scheduled Events on the DAWSON'S HOT SAUCE Stage:

11:00am - Doors Open

11:30am - Guinness World Record Attempt for most Ghost Peppers eaten!

12:15pm - Pairing the perfect pepper. Not all hot sauces are the same, learn about which types of hot sauce best fit your meal of choice. Hosted by tbd notable foodie.

1:00pm - Hot Wing Eating Competition Finals. Contestants attempt to out last their competitors in a wing eating contest that gets hotter and hotter by the round.  No milk allowed until it's over!

Rounds are proudly sponsored by ...

2:00pm - Hot Reviews. Hot Reviews interview our hot sauce creators from the expo.

2:30pm - Chili Cook-Off!  Contestants bring their best home-made hot chili to Heatwave to see who will be crowned the Chili Champion! You can sample them too!

3:15pm - Cooking Demonstration - TBA

4:30pm - Hot Pepper eating challenge presented by Slim's Pepper Co. Who will crunch to the top of the Scoville scale and live to talk about it!  Round by round contestants will attempt to outlast one another as they eat whole peppers that keep getting hotter by the round.

Registration takes place at the event.

5:30pm - Hot Reviews. End of show report on the day's highlights and standout hot sauces.

6:15pm - Presentation of the Heatwave Eternal Flame Hot Sauce Awards for most outstanding sauces at the Expo.

7:00pm - Expo Closes. Until next time!

*Schedule subject to change without notice