Booth Assignment Booth #
Burner 54
CanEHdian Condiments 30
Caribbean Hot Mouth 25
Chetty's Hot Sauce 46
Cooksville Hot Sauce Co 5
Corine's Cuisine 17
D & K Barbarian Jerky 3
Dan's Rip'n Hot Sauce 7
Dawson's Hot Sauce 47-48
DJ Bilo 12
Dots Snacks 43
Firehouse Subs 55-56
FM96 53
Gringo's Blazin' Sauces 9
Hamblee Foods 54 39
Haico's Hot Sauce 45
Hurt Berry Farm Inc. 31
Jargon Preserves 4
London Brewing Co-Op 57
Mad Gringo Hot Sauce 49
Myrel's Hot Sauce 2
Meow! That's Hot Inc. 40
MH Fine Foods 35
Booth Assignment Booth #
Mojo Peppa Sauce 38
Nerpy's Inc. 29
No.7 Mexican Hot Sauce Inc. 36
Oceanspice co. 33
Odyssey Records 20
PAPA D's Hot Sawce 14
Pepper North Artisan Foods 37-44
Reaper Gourmet 6
Reine de la Ruche Inc 23
Ruckus Foods 32
Russell House BBQ Sauce 8
Salem's Lott Scary Hot Sauces 27
Sinai Gourmet 15
Slim's Pepper Co 50
Sorry Sauce 24
Spice of Life 34
Steel City Sauce Co 26
T&A's Condiment Company 42
Tasting the Heat 52
Tata hot pepper sauce 16
Top Shelf Canada 21
Uncle Chester's Flaming Hot Pepper Sauces 22

Promote & Sell your sauce directly to lovers of HOT!

*Registration for 2019 event is now closed.

Heatwave Hot Sauce Expo is Southwestern Ontario’s home of heat!
Join the HOTTEST SHOW in all of Ontario coming to London on Saturday March 2nd 2019!
This is an opportunity for producers and retailers of hot sauce and spicy foods to showcase their product to true lovers of heat.
Face to face marketing works best. Join us for a fun and day dedicated to showcasing your product to an appreciative audience. And the best way to get people to buy your sauce is to let them taste how good it is.
Therefore all hot sauce vendors are required to provide free samples to attendees. Sample must be given on a small food offering like a small slice of pita or a pretzel.
Attendees will also have the option to purchase meaty plain chicken wings in which they will add your hot sauce for a truly unique experience.

Each Exhibit space provides one (1) x 8' table and two chairs. Each vendor is allocated 8' wide x 8' deep of space. You may erect a backdrop within your footprint.
All Exhibitors may sell retail products at the show and retain 100% of the sales.
Exhibit space is just $130 so you cannot pass up this opportunity to put your product in the hands of hundreds of hot sauce lovers.
The show will be supported and promoted by local restaurants and grocers. An extensive radio campaign with London's Best Rock FM96 as well as a heavy social media advertising campaign.
Expected attendance for the event is 600 to 1000 people.
And you can rest assured that Heatwave will be a superbly run event as it is managed by the same people that bring you awesome events like London Comic Con, Rock'n'Con and Shock Stock.

Click button below to register your company for Heatwave.

Click to Register Today!